Wednesday, June 10, 2009

almost done with textures

Getting closer to finishing my textures! so so close indeed just need to do the back of his head and then his eyeballs and ill be good to go.

In other News I should get my car back soon or so I hope the car will have been gone for a month now on Monday :(( sad days. I am also trying to get a job at Toys R Us but not exactly sure if i am going to get that job or not because the interview didn't go so well or at least I didn't think so. But I do know two people that work there so I may end up getting it after all. when I showed up it was about 10 minutes prior and i got into the back room about 5 minutes to and there were only 3 of us and then after my interview was over there were like 5 more people waiting so pretty much bad bears for the people who showed up late that's bad joojoo. other than that its just been me and Whitney hangin out enjoying ourselves in this absolutly wonderful weather that god has blessed us with :D. We even had some wine last night and looked at the stars it was really fun. other than that not a whole lot going on.

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