Monday, March 23, 2009

The Frost Child is born

so this week I have been working on concept art for a story that I have been working on. I finished the painting this morning and I'm pretty happy with the results. it could use a lot more polish as a piece of art but for the perposes that I wanted it for this works pretty well. Now I have to start on the turn around sheets for modeling.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Times are good :)

Alrighty it is March 20th! almost my 21st birthday on top of all the other ah-mah-zong (amazing) things going on in my life right now! I should start with the most exciting news which is that me and Whitney are now officially a couple so now that spring break is here we have been hanging out a lot watching the Ali G show isa very neice! we also made some awesome peanut butter passion bars that i ate most of in one day and by we made i actually mean me watching Whitney do most of the work and me trying a few things and mucking it up lol! but it was a lot of fun regardless. I also met her brother and his fiance and they were really cool!! they said we might go and all hang out with one another sometime soon which would be a blasty blast for sure :).

in other career related news Steven the ceo of Algitt Studios has secured a pitch date a week and a half from now at south peak our number 1 choice publisher he is also trying for microsoft which would be pretty cool and another company thats located here in Bellevue. Steven is pretty confident that he can sell Algitt if he can actually talk to someone and now he finay has that opportunity so i have high hopes! i would love to start my career this summer that would be pretty amazing. plus if i do that then I can also get credit for my sr. projects class early and not have to worry about it next year and in its sted have a paying job which would alswase be nice because having disposable income is nice.

In school I have juat been working on my jr project and making some props for my game team. Physics is sooooooo hard :( i am so glad im an artist so that i forget this crap as soon as I'm done sometimes the class is really helpfull when the teacher is telling about how things work and why they work the way they do but as soon as he starts talking in formulahs and numbers i dont have the will power necesary to pay attention for more thna 5 minuts at a time I physicly cant even if i try and even if i do manage to pay attention for an extended period of time somehow most of the time i cant understand what he is doing so i have to rely on doing the homework in a big group of people whrre usually one person knows what they are doing to get my work done....its stupid this class needs to be altered to be something usefull for the artists.

this week im posting my rendered final versions of my genari final dialogue and all the animation that I have done for my game team so far aswell as the prop and teh concept art that I have done for them.

Genari Lip sync 2 Final from Kevin Hart on Vimeo.

ERB Run and Grab Attempt Failure from Kevin Hart on Vimeo.

Modeled by Garrett Woodley and rigged with biped

ERB Run and Player Attack from Kevin Hart on Vimeo.

Modeled by Garrett Woodley and rigged with Biped

Sunday, March 8, 2009

arthas Thus far

here are the pictures i have been so lazily collecting..

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Coffee Kina Make Me Nervous

Wow okay so it's almost been a month since my last update! sorry about that to whoever actually reads this thing if anyone does. But I have been very active this last month what with school and actually having a little bit of a life :D. I met a nice gal on an internet dating site and we have been on 2 dates now and a third coming up this Saturday and so far we have meshed really well.

In school I have been working on a lip sync Dialogue from Slingblade. This clip is week 2 submission out of a 4 week process.

Untitled from Kevin Hart on Vimeo.

I am writing this in the left over portion of my Projects class and today I had a presentation of my final animation and it actually went over pretty well. I have a few minor changes to make but nothing that would take me any more than an hour or two to fix. Now all I have left to do is get my environment back to where I had it last semester, polish some of the camera angles, and create 2 sets of lighting for the character and for my two environments.

Untitled from Kevin Hart on Vimeo.

And in other news this week I just blew a lot of cash last night ahhhh! O.o I bought my first laptop last night and as soon as i checked out i was like OMG what the hell did i just do! because i feel really guilty spending that much money that isn't really mine. But now that I have slept on it I feel better about the decision. I also calculated it out and figured that it was the same amount i would have spent if i had spent 10 dollers a week on eating out/coffee since moving to seattle. So i figure a laptop is a little better than some coffee and a stomech ache from the cafine. The laptop I got was a smokin deal though for what I got and I got a great package deal for a fan cooler station for it aswell. I am really happy that ill be able to actually have consistantly working tablet drivers and now always be able to use my nice tablet with the programes that I want and also have the ability to do it in more places than just home since im only really there for sleeping and eating lol. anyways here is a link to the unit I got

Stevens Company is continually looking more and more promising. He recently finished ManaGen his first game under the Algitt studios name and now he is compiling a presentation of everyones work that he has asked to work for him in preperation for the persuit of getting his company a publisher which is actually looking pretty likly especially considering the main company that he is going for only invests in start up game companies.

For individual projects I am still working on arthas once i stop being lazy and ask will for his camera ill get the pictures that I have of him so far up and on here. His entire body is done and now all I have left to do is his sword Frostmorne and His helmet which are the two most important parts of his entire costume so I still have a lot of work to do to really make this thing look nice. I also still have to cut a hole in his head so i can get the lights inside of his head. I set up the circuit for the button activated LED lights and all the flippin switches that I got from Radio shack were broken :/ they completed the circuit just fine so I know I was doing it right but when I pressed the button it never cut the circuit off :X so I still have to go back to radio shack and pick up some more switches.

but thats all for this week :D