Monday, January 26, 2009

Blizzard application sent?......check

AHHHHHHHHHHH! I just sent off my application to Blizzard and I am so nervous! ugh seriously I want this internship bad. I wonder how long it's going to be before I hear back from them or even if I hear back from them. It's really nice to be done with all of that extra work so I should not be so stretched for time now. but anyways I forogot to upload on more of the clips that is on my demo reel so here it is.

Cryptic Strong walk cycle from Kevin Hart on Vimeo.

rig provided by cryptic studios

Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Undead Line

Yes so the Undead Line is approaching for the Blizzard internship and I am now done with all of my material in which I am going to be showing to them. I am still working on finishing touches of my resume and cover letter but those should be complete within the next 2 days so ill still be subiting a few days early. Here are all the clips. Wish me luck I'm going to need it!

Knight Animation from Kevin Hart on Vimeo.

In this clip I did the animation and everything else was provided by my good friend Tyler Gibbons.

Thanks Tyler!

Cryptic Rig Attack from Kevin Hart on Vimeo.

Rig provided by Criptic studios

Cryptic Sickly Minion from Kevin Hart on Vimeo.

Saturday, January 17, 2009


So this week I needed a break so i decided to do a painting I call The Perfect Compliment, sort of commenting on how a couple compliments and balances one another.

I really need to start remembering to sign and date my work.

Oh also. I heard back from Susan at Vixen Design and she said that she has been really busy latly and hadnt had time to check her e-mail much but she said that she forwarded the designes to her sister and told her to take a look and email me back and all that jazz but she never did so she is going to go and talk to her about it. So we will see whats gana go down here in a couple more weeks I think. Ill keep you posted as I hear more

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Okay so its wednesday the 14th and there is all sorts of things going on right now. I still havn't heard back from Vixen designs about the T-shirt design job or anything which is kinda lame since its been like a week and a half but oh well what can you do right? Aside from that I have been working on lots of school projects including posing a 3d model for animation, roughing out keys for my Jr. project, and coordinating with my new game team.

OH! i forgot to mention last week pretty much the most important thing thats going on right now which is this wonderfull oportunity that I have to get a summer internship at Blizzard! oh man I am so excited I can barly stand it. below is one of the animations that im going to put in my demo reel. It's a idle cycle with a character that I call the sickly minion. Right now its looking like Im going to have 3 animations in my reel I can't really afford to have more because of time constraints and I am inproving so fast that by the time i do 2 more animations the ones that I submit will probably be thrown out.

This week in the game Steven and I are working on for Xbox Live I did a couple iterations of the fire from last week but longer for background perposes. Stevens goal is to have a playable version with shooting sprites so its prety exciting!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

So Monday this week marked the beginning of the second semester of the year and its now Tuesday and I can already tell that I've probably over committed myself to a mouth full of crazy hours of work.

A few days back I was doing a show on blogtv and a gal came in that wanted to promote her clothing company to the common folk. I have always been interested in doing designs for t shirts for a company like this and I finally got a opportunity right on my door step. So I showed her a painting that I did and they seemed pretty interested in my ability as an artist. We exchanged a few e-mails and now they have asked me to submit something for them to munch on and decide if m what they are looking for. They said they were looking for crazy patterns bright colors and some other styles I didn't really know with a touch of darkness. So I dreamed up a surreal picture that i did two different versions of.

So now I am anxiously waiting for a reply from them. I think having this as a side project would help me stay less fatigued from all this homework from school. Not to mention possibly give me a little extra cash to spend on getting a lap top and since it's made from my art that means I would have finally earned my tattoo. So who knows whats going to happen! here is their website in case you want to check it out

next thing thats exciting up on this list is that I just might have a job! a full fledged job with a salary lined up :O. I'm not really going to say much just because nothing is really to solid yet because one major road block is still in the way before that could happen and It's a big one but still! I am really excited about it.

I am also working on a game now with Steven Scott from school that were hoping to release on X-Box live some time around the end of the month I think. He is doing pretty much everything by himself programing sprites you name it that crazy man can do it and is crunching it into a very small time period because he is just that awesome. My part is pretty minimal and just involves making some spiffy special effects. So far all I have made is an oil fire but it actually has been turning out surprisingly well . now the effect is really cool but this video really sucks but at least you can see what its kinda like this way.

and other than those 3 things I have animation club Suzann's animation sessions on Tuesdays and oh yea almost forgot to mention school....ahhhh! I am going to be super busy this semester. But all things considered I am really looking forward to it and I am definitely up for the challenge being bored is a much much worse sentence.

Ill post again once I have heard back from the Vixen designs. :D

Peace out
So I'm not exactly sure what the purpose of this blog is going to be yet weather it be for entertainment or logging in general i don't really know but who cares? I think ill just be purring a whole bunch of random crap up here from my life and if your into that kind of thing then by all means come along it will be an adventure.