Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Coffee Kina Make Me Nervous

Wow okay so it's almost been a month since my last update! sorry about that to whoever actually reads this thing if anyone does. But I have been very active this last month what with school and actually having a little bit of a life :D. I met a nice gal on an internet dating site and we have been on 2 dates now and a third coming up this Saturday and so far we have meshed really well.

In school I have been working on a lip sync Dialogue from Slingblade. This clip is week 2 submission out of a 4 week process.

Untitled from Kevin Hart on Vimeo.

I am writing this in the left over portion of my Projects class and today I had a presentation of my final animation and it actually went over pretty well. I have a few minor changes to make but nothing that would take me any more than an hour or two to fix. Now all I have left to do is get my environment back to where I had it last semester, polish some of the camera angles, and create 2 sets of lighting for the character and for my two environments.

Untitled from Kevin Hart on Vimeo.

And in other news this week I just blew a lot of cash last night ahhhh! O.o I bought my first laptop last night and as soon as i checked out i was like OMG what the hell did i just do! because i feel really guilty spending that much money that isn't really mine. But now that I have slept on it I feel better about the decision. I also calculated it out and figured that it was the same amount i would have spent if i had spent 10 dollers a week on eating out/coffee since moving to seattle. So i figure a laptop is a little better than some coffee and a stomech ache from the cafine. The laptop I got was a smokin deal though for what I got and I got a great package deal for a fan cooler station for it aswell. I am really happy that ill be able to actually have consistantly working tablet drivers and now always be able to use my nice tablet with the programes that I want and also have the ability to do it in more places than just home since im only really there for sleeping and eating lol. anyways here is a link to the unit I got

Stevens Company is continually looking more and more promising. He recently finished ManaGen his first game under the Algitt studios name and now he is compiling a presentation of everyones work that he has asked to work for him in preperation for the persuit of getting his company a publisher which is actually looking pretty likly especially considering the main company that he is going for only invests in start up game companies.

For individual projects I am still working on arthas once i stop being lazy and ask will for his camera ill get the pictures that I have of him so far up and on here. His entire body is done and now all I have left to do is his sword Frostmorne and His helmet which are the two most important parts of his entire costume so I still have a lot of work to do to really make this thing look nice. I also still have to cut a hole in his head so i can get the lights inside of his head. I set up the circuit for the button activated LED lights and all the flippin switches that I got from Radio shack were broken :/ they completed the circuit just fine so I know I was doing it right but when I pressed the button it never cut the circuit off :X so I still have to go back to radio shack and pick up some more switches.

but thats all for this week :D

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