Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Okay so its wednesday the 14th and there is all sorts of things going on right now. I still havn't heard back from Vixen designs about the T-shirt design job or anything which is kinda lame since its been like a week and a half but oh well what can you do right? Aside from that I have been working on lots of school projects including posing a 3d model for animation, roughing out keys for my Jr. project, and coordinating with my new game team.

OH! i forgot to mention last week pretty much the most important thing thats going on right now which is this wonderfull oportunity that I have to get a summer internship at Blizzard! oh man I am so excited I can barly stand it. below is one of the animations that im going to put in my demo reel. It's a idle cycle with a character that I call the sickly minion. Right now its looking like Im going to have 3 animations in my reel I can't really afford to have more because of time constraints and I am inproving so fast that by the time i do 2 more animations the ones that I submit will probably be thrown out.

This week in the game Steven and I are working on for Xbox Live I did a couple iterations of the fire from last week but longer for background perposes. Stevens goal is to have a playable version with shooting sprites so its prety exciting!

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