Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Modeling my first human

Wow so it has been forever since i made my last post! over a month ago bleh. So life update I am in the after math of a crazy month! I had strep and mono at the same time near the end of school and let me tell you that was not fun, fortunately for me Whitney was there taking care of me for a little while and that helped a ton and by some miracle of god she hasn't gotten sick at all she must have some sort of super immune system. then i got in a car crash! oh man scary fortunatly i didnt hit the lady that hard at all and noone was hurt sept my gator. normaly my car would have been fine and it would have just been a fender bender but the lady had a bike rack on the back of her car so the point of impact was really small and messed my poor gators face up pretty good :/.

so we pulled over to exchange information and the lady seemed kinda whiney and complained about having a migrain and she mentioned that she was sore once. she filed for injury and I have to say that im skepticle but if she truely is hurt I hope that she gets the money she needs. She was on the phone with her parents the whole time so when we went to exchange information her parents came and she called her husband.....I feel so bad for this woman...her husband was a complete and utter jack ass. He pulls up in his red striped mini cooper lol and gets out and teh first thing he says to his wife is " why am I here?" what kind of ass holel does that seriosly give your wife a hug and ask her if she is okay I had to give whitney a hug to compensate for his lack of kindness.

We left and then she called me and wanted to file a police report so we did that and then the police officer gave me a ticket because that is a rule that you will automaticly get a ticket if a police officer is involved. So now I have pretty much everything underwraps except for the ticket and i just need to pick up the parts for my car and get it fixed at the college. Thank you whitney for being so willing to do all the driving you have been a great sport about it!

Alrighty Now for the projects and pretty pictures and stuff. so since the summer started I have been working pretty diligantly on this character that is pretty much going to be my hail mary pass in terms of getting an internship and hopefully a career eventually. But what I have done so far are the model sheets and a model that is about 60-70% of my first human model done but yea here is what I have done so far.

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