Monday, February 9, 2009

Anticipation Galor

So it's Monday February 9th and the anticipation is building. One of my friends was nice enough to share some commonly asked questions in interviews with me so now I'm at least a little prepared for a phone interview.

In other news I have been watching this History channel series called the universe and there was an episode about a giant meteor that has a chance at hitting the earth sometime around 2012. So i had a really horrifying dream last night where there was this meteor that was crashing onto the earths atmosphere. Imagine holding a football in your hands then think of a giant rock that size in the sky trailed with blue flames rumbling the ground underneath you and you can feel the gravitational force pulling you away from earth at the same time. It was scary and awesome!

lets see in art this week I kinda rediscovered painter and how amazing the brushes are in it and I started working on some concept for a side project that I am working on. here is what I have so far.

this week Jenky and I both got our Munny's and are going to start their creation soon. I got a 4" one and both of us got a 7" one. Jenky is Doing Illidan and I am doing Arthas. If you dont know

what it is that im talking about Ill show you. Imagine the two mixed and you got the idea of what im making. I even went to radio shack and learned how to make Button activated LED lights for his eyes. Ill post pictures once I start on it and when I am finished

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